Why should we believe in the authenticity of Jesus and His claims?

Prophecy: Jesus fulfilled documented prophecies that were recorded centuries before His earthly ministry, including His place of birth and type of death.

The Empty Tomb: Had someone been able to produce a dead body of Jesus, it would have been exhibit A that He had not risen. However, the fact that His grave was empty after being guarded by Roman soldiers and sealed with a huge boulder demonstrated His deity. He rose on the third day, just like He said He would.

Eyewitness Accounts: After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to at least 500 people. He not only appeared to them, but also ate and conversed with them.

Miracles: The documentation of His miracles confirms that He was God. What kind of a person has complete power and authority over sickness, death, nature and spiritual forces? Only God.

Transformed Lives: The disciples who had witnessed the execution of their leader went into hiding, fearing for their lives, but something happened that so transformed them that they were willing to risk everything to spread the news that He was risen. What would cause such a paradigm shift? Seeing the resurrected Jesus! Think about it—the disciples believed that the Message was worth dying for and now, 2000 years later, people’s lives are still being transformed by the forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

He Claimed to Be God: Unlike other religious and spiritual leaders, Jesus claimed to be God, the Messiah. Furthermore, He also had the supernatural miracles and powers to back up the claim. See Matthew 26:63-64 and John 14:6.

A Living Lord: Christianity is a relationship, not a religion. We can have a personal relationship with Him today by seeking His forgiveness of our sins and by placing our trust in Him to rescue us from our wrongs that separate us from God.

“Why Jesus?” (PDF download)


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Death2Life Revolution

Death2Life Revolution, Inc. is a worldwide non-profit organization that deals with suicide prevention, substance abuse and porn addiction, and is geared for the emotionally hurt, physically abused, and struggling youth of the world. Check out this free online resource including online chat, phone, text and other resources.


The Case for Christ

by Lee Strobel

Written by a former atheistic investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune, Strobel shows the objective data that verifies the eye-witness accounts that Jesus is who He said He is — God.

The God Who is There

by Francis Schaeffer

This is a classic Christian philosophy book for the “come let us reason together” deep thinker type.

Mere Christianity

by C.S. Lewis

An easy read that covers the basics of being a Christian.

The Case for a Creator

by Lee Strobel

An easy entry layman’s level book providing the scientific evidence for Creation.

In the Beginning

free online resource for Creation Science

This site is very deep intellectually and authored by a graduate of MIT (Ph. D in Geology) and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

The Story of Christian Theology

by Roger Olson

This one is a doozie, but one I highly recommend for learning the history of Christian theology and Church History.

Books by Dr. Bobby Brewer

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