Join us and catch the hope and experience of knowing Jesus personally as we share His message of love, grace, and forgiveness in our daily lives and in our community.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make Jesus and His teachings known in the Rio Verde area, and extending to Arizona and beyond. We have a distinct and unique western style that caters to both country and city people alike.

Our worship services and Bible studies are presented in a relaxed atmosphere where you’ll feel right at home. It’s a place where you can make new friends and connect with a group of people who will encourage and support you when life’s challenges get you down.

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What We Believe

We believe in these traditional Christian truths that have been handed down from the Apostles—also known as essential Christian doctrine.

You can click to tab below to get into the specifics but simply put we’re a non-denominational evangelical gathering of city and country folk that regularly meets to worship Jesus and to learn and apply Biblical teachings to our lives.

Howdy from

Pastor Bobby Brewer

I’m so glad you found us and imagine you’d probably like a little more info on what we’re about. Jesus taught that we’re to take the gospel and advance His mission to the ends of the earth (Mt. 28:19-20). Since we’re located on a true working ranch on the northern end of Rio Verde, Arizona and border the Tonto National Forest, in some ways you could say that we’re at the “ends of the earth”.

Our mission is to make Jesus famous, and His teachings known through the context of Cowboy Church ministries. You should know that we’re not that polished nor are there a lot of bells and whistles.

Whereas in most cases people are blessed with the outcome of a church, we’re a work in progress. We’re not everyone’s cup of tea but I’d like to personally invite you to come out and see for yourself—hopefully, you’ll want to pioneer with us in this journey. If you’re looking for a place that praises Jesus, teaches straight out of the Bible, fellowship with some down-to-earth people, are comfortable in an informal church environment, and don’t mind your boots getting dirty, you’ll feel right at home.

Please be sure to hang around for a few minutes after one of our services so that I can make your acquaintance. I look forward to meeting you.

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